Suffering of Religious Minorities

Voices for the Voiceless is devoted to the suffering of religious minorities, especially Christianity, under Islam and offers a simple idea — a brochure that makes a moral argument. We must break the immoral silence. Our brochure can be used a weapon in a war of ideas.

What You Can Do

Download the brochure. This brochure is for public use. You may link to it or modify it. You should add your own contact email address.

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Give Voices to the Voiceless at your church:

  1. Print and hand out brochures found on this site.
  2. Remind others about the Biblical doctrine of caring for persecuted Christians.
  3. Bring the persecuted Christians to your church.
  4. Invite refugee clergy from Egypt, Nigeria and others to meet with your clergy.
  5. Devote a class or study group to learn about the history that annihilated the church in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Persia, North Africa, and Lebanon. Study the Armenian genocide in Turkey in the 20th century.
  6. Go to the sites about the religious persecution on this site and discuss the atrocities and pray for the victims.


Not a Christian? Then be a humanitarian and oppose the oppressor. Go to the web (see the links on this site) and tell others about the daily murder of Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and Christians.


Fill in the gap in your knowledge by reading about the historical tragedy of the rise of Islam. Just for fun, read about how the Islamic Golden Age was only flecked with gold.

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More About Persecution

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Persecution of Religious Minorities Sites

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The greatest human rights crime in the world today is the persecution of religious minorities. The most brutalized religion is Christianity. But if you go to these web sites you will find out that Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and others suffer as well. … Read More

Books on the Persecution of Christians

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